As a RIBA Student member, you are the industry's future – part of a community
passionate about architecture. Your views help to keep us at the cutting edge and
you can share them with us and other members by…

Attending and voting at meetings

Student members can attend RIBA Special and Annual General Meetings, and vote
on the issues discussed.

Becoming a RIBA Council or Committee member

Take a more active role in the direction of RIBA by joining one of our committees or standing for election as a council member.

Using our online forum, RIBAnet

In the Members only area of our website, a lively forum gives you the opportunity
to share your thoughts and debate the issues with students, graduates and working architects. You can chat about everything from the study of architecture and the
RIBA to conservation issues, planning and technology.

Being a member of Archaos

Founded by students, this dynamic organisation makes sure your views are
represented across the rest of the RIBA. Membership is free and automatic
for all UK architecture students. Find out more at


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