A Place to Call Home explores Britain’s 250-year obsession
with housing. It looks at the story of everyday homes and
the ideas that have shaped the way we live today.

Curated by Sarah Beeny and Mike Althorpe

Alton East Estate, Roehampton, London|
Why is home an essential part of us all?
Design for a terrace of houses, Surrey Square, London|
The first speculative building and standardised homes in the mid-C17th
Town centre and carpet mills, Halifax, West Yorkshire|
The impact of C19th industrial expansion and population growth on housing
Ideal Garden City diagram|
Rejection of the city and the influence of Garden City principles
Becontree housing estate, Dagenham, London|
Housing boom and the growth of suburbia in the inter-war period
Park Hill Estate, Sheffield|
Planning and building new homes became a priority after WWII
Housing, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire|
Individualism and freedom of choice became government policy in the 1980s
Beetham Tower, 301-303 Deansgate, Manchester|
The return of city centres as desirable places for work, rest and play in the 1990s
1-5 Bateman Mews designed by Anne Thorne Architects|
With the falling number of affordable new homes being built, it's time to take stock