Exploring South Kensington



This part of the Albertopolis online exhibition allows you to explore the area by foot, by air or virtually. By foot, your most useful tool is a map. Discover historic maps and estate plans to chart the development of South Kensington. To fully understand an area an aerial photograph is also an invaluable tool. Both of these sources can be found in South Kensington from above. To continue your exploration, why not try a walking tour around the area (available as a podcast), or challenge yourself with a scavenger hunt.



Map of South Kensington

Map of South Kensington

Explore at street level or above via the Albertopolis Google map.

Scavenger hunt

Pages from scavenger hunt

Test your knowledge on site with the Albertopolis scavenger hunt. For all ages.


Walking Tour

Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London

Let the exhibition curator guide you on your visit through Albertopolis by downloading the map and podcast.  

South Kensington from above

Aerial Photograph of the South Kensington

Witness the changes from above through historic and modern maps and photographs.