In 2008 material from the RIBA's collection of drawings by Andrea Palladio began a two-year tour of Europe, beginning in Vicenza. Loans of other material went to the United States, where drawings by C. F. A. Voysey were included in an exhibition at the Block Museum of Art, Illinois.


Napoleon III et Victoria: A Visit to the Paris 1855 World Fair

Musee du Second Empire
Compeigne, France
3 October 2008 – 19 January 2009

The RIBA lent three drawings to this exhibition focussing on Queen Victoria's relationship with Napoleon III of France and the 1855 World Fair.  

Design for the Great Hall at Euston Station

Artist: Philip Charles Hardwick
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections

Palladio 500

Centro Internazionale di Studi dell’Architectura Andrea Palladio, Vicenza
17 September 2008 – 6 January 2009

Royal Academy of Arts, London
31 January – 13 April 2009

La CaixaForum Barcelona
19 May - 6 September 2009

La CaixaForum Madrid
6 October 2009 - 17 January 2010

This exhibition came in the year of the quincentenary of Andrea Palladio's birth. It was a major exhibition looking at the life and works of one of the most important architects of the renaissance period. The RIBA contributed over 60 objects to the exhibition and were the major lenders.

The RIBA's online Palladio Exhibitions celebrate his work and influence.

Baths of Agrippa, Rome by Andrea Palladio

Artist: Andrea Palladio
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections



Landscapes of the Imagination

Palais Het Loo, Apeldoorn
11 June – 28 September 2008

This exhibition centred on garden history and included four drawings from the RIBA collections.

Plan of Lord Bedford's House in Twickenham by Robert Smythson

Artist: Robert Smythson
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections

Chinese Whispers: Chinoiserie in Britain

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Brighton 3 May – 2 November 2008

This exhibition traced the history of chinoiserie in Britain and its changing style over the centuries. Chinese Whispers was the first major exhibition in Britain for more than 70 years to highlight the impact of chinoiserie on style, fashion, décor and social behaviour. The RIBA lent three drawings to this exhibition.

Design for repairs to the Chinese Fishing Temple at Windsor Great Park

Artist: Samuel Sanders Teulon
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections

Design in the Age of Darwin

Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Illinois
18 April – 5 September 2008

This exhibition examined the influence of Darwinian thought on Architecture and the Decorative Arts as well as the formalism/functionalism debate prevalent amongst architects of this era. The RIBA lent five C. F. A. Voysey drawings to this exhibition.

Design for a wallpaper showing water snakes

Artist: C.F.A. Voysey
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections

Brilliant Women, 18th Century Bluestockings

National Portrait Gallery, London
8 Febuary – 15 June 2008

Brilliant Women explores the impact of the original 'Bluestocking' Circle – a group of intellectual women who were celebrated for forging new links between gender, learning and virtue in 18th-century Britain. The RIBA lent a drawing of the Great Drawing Room, Montagu House by Joseph Bonomi.

Design for the Great Drawing Room in Montagu House by Joseph Bonomi

Artist: Joseph Bonomi
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections

Arts Spaces of the Future

National Theatre, London
9 January – 17 February 2008

This exhibition was organised by RIBA London to display the shortlisted entries for the RIBA Arts Spaces of the Future competition. In addition to the competition entries there was a small section on the history of the National Theatre to which the RIBA lent a model of the National Theatre by Denys Lasdun.

Model of the Royal National Theatre

Designer: Denys Lasdun and Partners
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections


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