In 2010 some of the RIBA's collection of books and drawings by Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio began a major tour of the United States. Material from the 18th and 16th century went on display in Paris and Amsterdam.


Antiquity Rediscovered - Innovation and Resistance in the 18th Century

Musee du Louvre
2 December 2010 - 14 February 2011

While 18th-century art is often perceived as a progressive move from a taste for the lightness of Rococo to the grandeur of Classical style, this exhibition shed light on the different experiments undertaken to regenerate artistic forms and themes. The RIBA lent three drawings to bolster the section on British Neo-Classicism. 

Design for a triumphal arch commemorating the freedom of the seas

Artist: Charles Joachim Benard
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections

Vincenzo Scamozzi 1548 - 1616

Royal Palace
29 June - 12 September 2010

The exhibition celebrated the re-opening of the newly refurbished galleries at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. The RIBA lent four drawings by the 16th-century architect Vincenzo Scamozzi.

Studies of the Ionic order by Vincenzo Scamozzi

Artist: Vincenzo Scamozzi
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections

Palladio and his Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey

Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum
New York
2 April - 1 August 2010

National Building Museum
Washington DC
17 September 2010 - 30 January 2011

Snite Museum of Art
5 June - 31 July 2011

Carnegie Museum of Art
29 September - 31 December 2011

The exhibition was centred on 31 original Palladio drawings and seven books from the RIBA's unrivalled collections, alongside bas-reliefs and architectural models. It traces Palladio's architectural development alongside the enormous impact his work had on the architecture of the United States, resulting in new and original interpretations from grand formal buildings to smaller utilitarian structures.

His work and influence is celebrated through the RIBA's online Palladio Exhibitions.

Design for the Villa Repeta by Andrea Palladio

Artist: Andrea Palladio
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collections


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