See the Library's collections in action as RIBA staff and curators lead public events and talks on architecture, in videos from the RIBA YouTube channel


Curator Valeria Carullo interviews architectural photographer Richard Bryant about capturing images of Carlo Scarpa's work.

2013 (18mins:52s)


Curator Justine Sambrook, through material from the RIBA's collections, looks at the work of leading 20th-century photographer Tony Ray-Jones.

2013 (3mins:2s)


'Mumbai to London Mishmash' was a workshop to get the public to engage with masterplanning. The session, led by Education Curator Ros Croker, used historic examples of masterplans from the RIBA's collections as inspiration.

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, 2013 (1min:43s)


Led by Education Curator Ros Croker, the 'Who rocked your world?' drawing workshop gathered members of the public to map the location of inspirational buildings.

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, 2013 (1min:37s)


Curator Dr Irena Murray looks at the work of Decimus Burton, an architect whose work can be seen in Hyde Park, Regent's Park and Kew Gardens.

V&A, 2012 (30mins:41s)


Curator Justine Sambrook takes a closer look at colour in architectural photography from the 19th century to the present day.

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, 2012 (21min:20s)


The RIBA's collections being used to inspire drawing in a workshop led by curators Justine Sambrook and Ros Croker.

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, 2012  (2min:06s)


Sketch in the City: iPad drawings

Sketch in the City video

Images from the collections inspiring different types of drawing.

2012 (1min:14s)

The Villa Tugendhat in Context

Villa Tugendhat video

The story of Mies van der Rohe’s hidden gem, narrated by curator Dr Irena Murray.

2012 (2min:25s)

Body Building workshop

Body Building workshop video

Watch workshop participants recreate buildings using their bodies, with Education Curator Dr Elizabeth Grant. 

2012 (5min:22s)

Body Building: Drawing

Body Building: Video showing drawing buildings with bodies

Drawings combining imagination and the shapes created by our bodies.

2012 (1min:27s)



These videos were created as part of the online exhibition Albertopolis:

The Development of South Kensington

Albertopolis video

The origins, world-famous institutions and future plans of South Kensington, narrated by curator Susan Pugh. 

2010 (3min:15s)

Exploring South Kensington

Albertopolis: Exploring South Kensington video

Discover historic maps and estate plans that chart the development of South Kensington.

2010 (2min:54s)

Albertopolis: The Story of…

Albertopolis: The Story Of video

The story of how the museums, archives and educational institutions in South Kensington all came about.

2010 (2min:54s)

Albertopolis: Victoria and Albert Museum

Albertopolis: Victoria and Albert Museum video

The piecemeal development since 1857 of the key structures of the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

2010 (1min:07s)


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