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V&A + RIBA Architecture Gallery

V&A + RIBA Architecture Gallery

 V&A + RIBA Architecture Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum


Education groups can explore architectural models, drawings, designs, material samples and building fragments in the V&A + RIBA Architecture Gallery. This gallery features a mix of permanent and changing exhibitions highlighting the architectural collections of the RIBA and the V&A, with audio commentary, interactive style guides, videos and touch objects, to explore several key themes:

  • The Art of Architecture
  • The Function of Buildings
  • Architects and Architecture
  • Structures
  • Buildings in Context.


Visits to the Architecture Gallery can be guided or self-guided and can complement a workshop in the RIBA Architecture Study Rooms or the PDA Education Room. All education group visits to the Study Rooms or the PDA Education Room must be booked in advance by contacting the Education and Outreach Programme Manager.



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