American Bar


American Bar: detail of the main signage comprising decorative glass and tiles

Detail of the mosaic signage on the façade, American Bar, Vienna  
© ORCH Chemollo/RIBA Library Photographs Collection


Reflecting the sumptuousness of the interiors, the façade is distinctive and uses a range of luxurious materials. The three brass-framed glass doors are separated by undecorated pilasters made of red Skyros marble. The veining in this marble was carefully chosen by Loos and takes the place of applied decoration. In contrast, above is a protruding mosaic sign made up of coloured glass spelling out the name of the bar and taking up the pattern of the American flag.

Still functioning as it did over 100 years ago, Loos's American Bar is an example of his early achievements in Vienna and ideas that would see its mature form towards the end of his life.


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