Hidden legacy

Edward Carter

Edward 'Bobby' Carter

Edward J 'Bobby' Carter
© Edwin Smith/RIBA Library Photographs Collection 


When war began, Münz approached the RIBA Librarian, Edward J 'Bobby' Carter (1902 - 1982). Carter was later to be credited as 'the man who built up the RIBA library to become the leading architectural collection in the world'. Münz was eager to explore the possibility of depositing the surviving Loos archive in the RIBA Library. Carter had been particularly helpful to modernist émigré architects fleeing Nazism; his intellectual breadth enabled him to become the first Head Librarian of the newly constituted UNESCO after the war. Carter leapt at Münz's proposal. As the correspondence held in the Library archives reveal, he took responsibility for the 'drawings, prints, photographs and books… deposited at the RIBA so that the protection of the Institute building may be given to architectural documents of such great historical importance'.


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