Life and influence


Video: Irena Murray, Banister Fletcher Director of the British Architectural Library at the RIBA, and architect Eva Jiricna discuss the legacy and merits of Adolf Loos, 2011. 
Source: NBS


The majority of Adolf Loos's work is comprised of residential buildings and interiors; it was in this arena where he demonstrated his inventiveness and his composer-like ability to create variations with identical elements. He is acknowledged as the creator of the Raumplan or 'spatial plan' - an interpenetrating arrangement of interior spaces. The interior wall - detached, panelled, wainscoted or otherwise shaped to create distinct areas of activity and repose - was one of his signature marks. His passion for materials and for the craftsmanship that could emphasise the unique characteristics of wood, metal, marble or fabric make many of his surviving structures a formidable, but worthy, challenge for preservation architects.


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