Life and influence

The inter-war period

Villa Winternitz

Villa Winternitz, Prague, completed in 1932 
© Keith Collie / RIBA Library Photographs Collection 


World War I and the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire represented a turning point in the type of residential projects Loos was commonly associated with. His work for the Vienna Council strove to address the post-war housing shortage and included the development of a masterplan incorporating garden city ideas. Progressively disappointed with the delays and obstacles to his schemes, he continued to work for the city until his move to Paris in 1924. Once there, Loos aligned himself with the intellectual and artistic avant-garde, creating a strikingly modern house for the artist Tristan Tzara (1925-26) and a stunning unrealised project for the American dancer Josephine Baker (1927). Following his departure from Paris, Loos continued to develop some of his most memorable residential projects primarily in Austria and the Czech lands until his death in 1933.


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