Foreign pavilions

Soviet Pavilion - exterior

Soviet Pavilion

Soviet Pavilion 
‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes’, Paris 1925
Architect: Konstantin Stepanovich Mel'nikov
Copyright: RIBA Library Photographs Collection 

The Soviet pavilion, now considered one of the most striking examples of Constructivist architecture, caused both criticism and admiration at the time. These are the comments by British architect H. C. Bradshaw in his report on the exhibition: “Architecture in Russia…has ceased to be an art based on any reasonable principles or related to any known requirements…the whole looked like a dilapidated conservatory”. On the other hand, Joseph Hoffman considered it “the best pavilion of the entire exhibition” and similar opinions were expressed by Le Corbusier, Auguste Perret and Robert Mallet-Stevens. The pavilion was eventually awarded the Grand Prix.
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