The Clients of Bedford Lemere & Co.

Michelin Tyre Company

Michelin Tyre Company, Fulham Road, London, 1910
Taken for Burmantofts – Leeds Fireclay Co. Ltd.
© English Heritage: BL21077

Bedford Lemere & Co.'s clients, who included leading architects of the day, were many and varied.

Some commissions came from the architects' own clients, who might be public bodies, businesses, property companies, building firms or home-owners. Others came from those who wanted their property to be shown in the most flattering light – retailers, bankers, industrialists, estate agents and hoteliers. Of equal importance was work for interior decorators, employed by the rapidly growing middle classes who cared about the artistic decoration of their homes.

The firm's wide range of clients means that their surviving photographs provide a broad view of contemporary architecture, reflecting the exuberance of British building at the height of the nation's prosperity.

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