Waring & Gillow

Waring & Gillow’s aeroplane factory in Hammersmith and the Moorish Room at Rolleston Hall|

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Waring & Gillow’s aeroplane factory, Hammersmith, London, 1916
© English Heritage: BL23701/007

Right: Moorish Room, Rolleston Hall, Staffordshire, 1892
© English Heritage: BL11411

Waring & Gillow was formed in 1897 in a merger of two long established furnishers and decorators: Gillows of Lancaster and S. J. Waring & Sons of Liverpool. Bedford Lemere & Co. had taken photographs for both these companies since the 1870s and they continued in this role for the joint company. Their varied commissions included the firm's First World War munitions factories.

Many of the businesses for whom Bedford Lemere & Co. were already working became involved with the war effort. The joiners and cabinet makers employed by Waring & Gillow had the skills necessary to assemble aeroplanes, while upholsterers were expected to make bags and tents. The firm's Hammersmith factory was recorded for Waring & Gillow as part of a war work series.

Rolleston Hall was the home of the Mosley family. Decorated by Waring & Sons, it was one of many country houses pulled down after the First World War. Bedford Lemere & Co. was renowned for its work in country houses. Its photographs are now a unique record of the houses occupied by the upper and middle classes of late Victorian and Edwardian England.

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