Early work and the Royal Architectural Museum

Royal Architectural Museum

Royal Architectural Museum|

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Left: Display of casts from Chartres Cathedral at the Royal Architectural Museum, London
© English Heritage: BL00008/001

Right: Interior view of the Royal Architectural Museum, London, 1872–3
© V&A Images. Museum Number: E.61-2005

The Royal Architectural Museum moved to a purpose-built, Gothic-style building in Tufton Street near Westminster Abbey in 1869. Included in Bedford Lemere & Co.'s coverage of the collection were two general views of the interior. The galleried floors were covered with casts of sculptural details taken from Gothic buildings, including the cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, and Westminster Abbey.

Bedford Lemere & Co. took nearly 80 photographs of casts at the Royal Architectural Museum, winning an award for the series at the 1873 international exhibition in Vienna. The prints could be purchased as a complete series, in sets of ten or individually. Discounts were offered to members and students of the museum, and to ‘Art-Workmen’.

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