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Meagher Camera

Bedford Lemere & Co.’s Meagher Camera, 1890s

Bedford Lemere & Co.’s Meagher Camera, 1890s
© English Heritage: BB89/01372

Harry Lemere's regular camera was made by Meagher of London. A variety of lenses could be inserted in the front, while the sensitised plate was held in a frame at the back. When not in use, the bellows could be closed and the camera folded up for easy transportation.

Harry used a ground-glass screen marked with vertical and horizontal lines to keep the object of the photograph square in the frame. The front panel of the camera, known as a ‘rising front’, could be raised when photographing tall buildings. This kept the vertical lines parallel and prevented the building from appearing narrower at the top than at the bottom.

The camera was mainly used with a tripod, but could be rested on flat surfaces like window ledges. To keep the tripod stable on slippery floors, Harry set it on wooden blocks with crepe rubber soles.

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