Late Works

Late Works

The Great Hall, Hewell Grange, Worcestershire

Thomas Garner
Ink, pencil and watercolour, by H.W. Brewer
Exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1892
Viscount Windsor

In the 1860s Bodley had abandoned Gothic for houses in favour of an influential neo-Georgian style. However, from 1869 the partnership's few domestic commissions were allocated to Thomas Garner, who made expert use of Tudor and Jacobean models.

From the early 1880s onwards Bodley and Garner ceased to collaborate on projects and in 1897 the partnership was amicably dissolved, following Garner's reception into the Roman Catholic Church the year before. Bodley alone was responsible for the churches that are the finest achievements of the partnership's last years and he maintained this standard in his independent practice. He worked with unflagging energy to the end of his life. Only days before he died, on October 21, 1907, at the age of 80, he was making corrections to his design for Washington Cathedral.

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