Home Skin

Home Skin

16.Islington Square

FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste)
Completed 2006
Courtesy: Urban Splash
Copyright: Len Grant

As we wander through the streets of our local neighbourhoods, the façades of the surrounding residential buildings come together to define the 'interiors' of our outdoor environments.


Architects are today working with exciting new materials and processes, some even collaborating with artists, to create new definitions of the residential 'skin'. Some housing schemes have reinterpreted traditional forms and models from the past, while others have placed themselves in a future-oriented world of fiction and fantasy.


These approaches all combine to forge a new visual identity for housing, offering inhabitants a strong sense of ownership over their neighbourhood. By designing dwellings that project a distinctive face to the outside world, architects can utilise the residential shell to develop a new idea of 'home'.



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