Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Living Room House

Glenhausen, Germany
Seifert. Stoeckmann Formalhaut
Completed 1999
Copyright: seifert.stoeckmann@formalhaut

Everybody has a different image of home. For some it is a rose-covered cottage in the country, for others an urban flat in a high-rise concrete block. Wherever you live, it is what you see as you approach your front door that gives you a sense of coming home, of security, pride and belonging.

While the traditional idea of home may be a house with four walls and a pitched roof, there are many examples that depart from this ideal. Georgian terraced houses, Victorian tenements and modern flat-roofed tower blocks are all designs that deviate from this stereotype.


In this section you can see how contemporary architects have begun to question the visual language of domestic architecture and to experiment with the iconic image of the home, giving the traditional image of home an irreverent twist.



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