At risk today

At risk today...

Concrete Castle

Castle House, Somerset
Photograph: Mitzi do Margery for SAVE

 SAVE continues to campaign to save our heritage. Buildings at risk today include:

  • Gwrych Castle, Abergele, Wales
  • Castle House, Bridgewater, Somerset
  • Smithfield Market, London

Castle House, Bridgwater, Somerset, was built for William Akerman in 1851. With repairs estimated at nearly £1m, it represents one of the most formidable challenges SAVE has faced. It was both a family home and a showcase for the builder, John Board, who had invented Portland cement, a pioneering new building material. The SAVE Trust agreed to take on the long-empty building following compulsory purchase by the council.
Now the Strummerville Trust, set up by friends of the musician Joe Strummer, plans to turn Castle House into the first of a series of centres bringing musical opportunities to young people from inner-city areas. The house was featured in the 2004 edition of the BBC TV series Restoration



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