Barlaston Hall

Barlaston Hall, Staffordshire


Barlaston Hall, shortly after SAVE bought it in 1981
Photograph: Christopher Dalton for SAVE

This imposing Palladian villa had been badly damaged by coal mining subsidence and boarded up for ten years when SAVE bought it for £1 at a public inquiry in 1981. SAVE had to take legal proceedings to force the Department of the Environment and the National Coal Board to pay monies promised for repairs.
With the help of engineer Brian Morton, the house was placed on a raft to protect it from further subsidence. When structural repairs were complete and all the distinctive octagonal windows repaired, SAVE put the house on the market. It was bought by James and Carol Hall, who have restored the remarkable Rococo interiors.They have also taken responsibility for the parish church which SAVE had acquired to forestall demolition by the Coal Board.




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