East Finchley

Photograph of East Finchley underground station

Photographer: Sidney W. Newbery (1894-1985)
Architect: Charles Holden (1875-1960) for Adams Holden & Pearson
Copyright: Architectural Press Archive/RIBA Library Photographs

Originally started by architects Leonard Bucknell and Ruth Ellis, the design of East Finchley was taken over by Holden, following Pick's dissatisfaction with their work. The striking design with two semi-circular towers linked by a bridge across the platforms housing a staff canteen echoes Walter Gropius' famous model factory at the Werkbund Exhibition in Cologne from 1914. The art deco archer figure on the far right side was designed by sculptor Eric Aumonier (1899-1974) who had worked for Holden on 55 Broadway.
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