Integrated Design

Integrated design

Photograph of standard London Transport roadside bus and coach shelter in 1934

Photographed by Topical Press
Copyright: TfL from the London Transport Museum collection

Holden's holistic approach to the design of the underground stations was encouraged by Pick's enlightened vision of a better urban environment. Everything was carefully integrated, and Holden was given responsibility for the design of all fixtures and decoration above and below ground. This included lighting, tiling, clocks, litter bins, ticket machines and booths. He also incorporated the Underground's distinctive roundel, lettering and signage which had been developed by Edward Johnston.

Holden's design work was not limited just to the Underground. He also developed a series of prototypes for passenger bus and coach shelters and bus stop posts. He even attempted to re-design the LT-type bus.

Although these ventures into product design are less well-known and not as successful as his station designs, they clearly illustrate the extent to which Holden and Pick worked to
shape every physical aspect of the London
Transport system.

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