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Archigram Sporting d’Ete 
Design in process Creating architecture from first sketch to publication

Image: © Victoria and Albert Museum


Architectural drawings are created for a variety of reasons. Architects and designers sketch to explore an idea, to communicate with the public or to highlight a feature in the built environment. Constantly drawing, architects create many images that are never intended to be seen by anyone other than themselves. Conversely, professional renderers and artists may help an architect on dramatic illustrations of a project.

For any given project, a range of drawings will be produced: initial sketches, presentation drawings, technical drawings and illustrations of the completed scheme. Each type of drawing has significance. Together, drawings from across many different parts of a project highlight the rich complexity of an individual building from conception to completion.

This workshop, using selected material from the collections of the V&A and the RIBA, explores three types of drawing: sketching, rendering and drafting.

Guiding questions

  • Why do architects draw, and what are different types of drawing used for?
  • How can architects best express their ideas to themselves, clients and builders?
  • How does the architect respond to an image-conscious society?


How an architect develops, refines and explains a design concept through drawing



How an architect conveys designs to a variety of audiences to gain support and give clarity to the project proposal



Working technical drawings to help contractors and craftsmen to build the project


About the online workshops

'Drawing Out Meaning' is one of several online workshops that explores different themes in architecture and is based on material from the collections of the RIBA and the V&A. Visit the collections in person or see them online at RIBApix and V&A Images. Workshops can be organised for visiting groups as part of the RIBA's collections-based education programme - contact the Education Curator for more information:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7307 3732


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