Education In A Modern World

Hallfield Primary School, 1950s: Masterplan

Aerial photograph of Hallfield Primary School

Hallfield Primary School, Bishop's Bridge Road, Paddington, London, 1955
Designer: Lindsay Drake and Denys Lasdun
© Lasdun Archive/RIBA Library Photographs Collection


In the immediate post-war years, redevelopment of entire blocks with flats, offices, leisure and educational buildings became common practice. At the Hallfield Estate in Paddington, 665 flats were built across an area of some 17 acres to a masterplan by Tecton. Strikingly modern shops, schools and gardens attempted to meet the needs of the family through efficient and functional design.

Lindsay Drake and Denys Lasdun's design for Hallfield Primary School focused on planning and circulation. The school's varied profile results from the myriad of angular and curvaceous shapes of its plan. Trees spring up in the courtyards between volumes of organic shapes of varying sizes.


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