Roaming Rome

Palazzo Colonna - 1700s

Sectional View of the Hall and Gallery, Palazzo Colonna

Sectional view of the hall and gallery, Palazzo Colonna, early 18th century
Artist: Anonymous
© Victoria and Albert Museum. Museum number E.21-1971  


The Colonna family have resided in their central Rome home for over 20 generations. The Palazzo Colonna is comprised of many different wings built up over the course of centuries in a multitude of styles. This detailed watercolour is an early recording of the family's art collection. The room, one of the richest Baroque interiors in Rome, is resplendent in colour, details and contents.

The completion of the gallery and this painting both date to around 1700. With each work in the interior elevation numbered, it is possible that the painting was made specifically to record the gallery's contents and how they were hung.


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