Palladianism - some definitions

Palladianism - some definitions

Villa Rotonda (Villa Almerico Capra), Vicenza plan, half elevation and half section

British Architectural Library
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The term Palladian can be used to refer to any architectural style based on the work of Andrea Palladio, whether it be by his Italian contemporaries or by the numerous architectural practices operating around the world today.

Three distinctive periods of Palladianism can be discerned:

  • the Palladianism of Palladio's own time, chiefly seen in the work of fellow Italians who drew inspiration from his buildings
  • seventeenth-century Palladianism in Britain, when the work of Inigo Jones and John Webb replaced the decorative style of Elizabethan and Jacobean buildings
  • the Neo-Palladianism of eighteenth-century Britain, a style that dominated British and North American architecture from the 1720s to the 1780s