Drawings and publications

Drawings and publications

Isaac Ware and his daughter

Artist: Andrea Soldi (1754)
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collection

The power of Palladio’s books and drawings cannot be under-estimated. His buildings were highly influential, transforming the architecture of the Veneto region, in Northern Italy. But it was through his writings and drawings that his ideas spread across Europe, and later around the world.

Palladio’s publications analyses how Palladio communicated his ideas in print. His earliest publications were on Rome and demonstrated his detailed knowledge of the city’s antiquities. Ancient Roman design and construction had a profound effect on his thinking. He went on to express his own architectural theories in the seminal I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura.

Collecting Palladio tells the story of how a major group of drawings by Palladio were brought from Italy to England, first by Sir Henry Wotton and then added to by generations of collectors, including Inigo Jones and Lord Burlington. This collection played a key role in the development of architecture, especially seventeenth-century Palladianism and Neo-Palladianism, and it now is amongst the greatest treasures of the RIBA British Architectural Library.

Trade Palladio looks at the numerous architectural treatise and builders’ guides that were produced in the 17th and 18th centuries to show builders and architects how to create Palladian and Neo-Palladian architecture.