Palladio videos

Palladio videos

Conjectural portrait of Andrea Palladio

Conjectural portrait of Andrea Palladio
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Palladio and His Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey

In 2010, the Palladio exhibition began a tour of the United States. Watch a series of videos from the National Building Museum, Washington D.C., where Charles Hind (H.J. Heinz Curator of Drawings, RIBA) and Howard Burns talk about the drawings and influence of Andrea Palladio.

  • Andrea Palladio, The Revolutionary

    Howard Burns provides a sense of Palladio's unique background, persona, and approach to the field of architecture. 

  • Why Palladio's Work Still Resonates

    Howard Burns discusses Palladio’s systematic approach to architecture and the enduring appeal of his theories.  

  • Genius of the Villa Rotonda 

    Howard Burns reflects on the design of the Villa Rotonda (1566), one of Palladio’s defining—and most famous—buildings.

  • A Curator's Favorites - Part 1
    Charles Hind describes a drawing that conveys Palladio's working style.
  • A Curator's Favorites - Part 2 
    Exhibition co-curator Charles Hind details the fascinating and complicated history attached to one of the palace design drawings featured in the exhibition.
  • Palladio's Use of Ancient Roman Architecture
    Charles Hind discusses how Palladio used the forms of ancient Rome to create a new architectural language for his day.
  • The Significance of Palladio's Drawings
    Charles Hind explains the influence and impact of Palladio’s drawings on the architecture of 17th and 18th century England.
  • What is Anglo-Palladianism? 
    Charles Hind defines Anglo-Palladianism, the style that has come to signify Palladio’s enduring architectural legacy in England and the United States.
  • Palladio's Treatise  
    Charles Hind shares how Palladio's treatise redefined the nature of publishing architecture and how it positioned his work within the continuum of ancient Roman architecture.


Discussions with Bicknell and Sir Terry Farrell


Charles Hind talks to Julian Bicknell and Sir Terry Farrell about their views on Palladio. View videos of the talks online.

Charles Hind and Julian Bicknell discussing their views on Palladio






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