Float mounting

Float mounting technique

RIBA Library Drawings Collection
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Three of the drawings for the Palladio 500 exhibition could not be inlayed because of their size. Instead each drawing was float mounted on a support paper. This method can also be used when there is no drawing on the reverse of the paper, and it will be used for the large scale drawings that remain in storage.

Light yet strong tab hinges of Kozo Japanese paper were adhered 2-5mm from the edge of the back of the drawing at intervals. The support paper was cut to pull the hinges through. The hinges were then fixed to the back of the support paper using wheat starch paste.

This method was much quicker than either of the inlay techniques. Float mounting was needed for

In the case of SB29/1(1) Plan of Villa Guilia neither paper inlay nor float mounting was possible. Instead a polyester float technique was used.