Palazzo Valmarana

Palazzo Valmarana: case study

Palazzo Valmarana

Andrea Palladio (c.1566)
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings Collection

This is one of the most interesting drawings within the Palladio collection. It has drawings by Palladio of the Palazzo Valmarana on the front of the sheet and details of the building by Inigo Jones on the back. It clearly demonstrates the tremendous influence that Andrea Palladio had on Jones.

The drawing is being exhibited in the Palladio 500 exhibition alongside a medal that was found in the foundation stone of the palazzo detailing the family that commissioned the building and its date.

Learn how iron gall ink deteriorates with age and how the conservator can delay the process. See why foxing 'brown spots' occur within the paper's structure.  

Discover more about this exciting drawing and how it was prepared to return to Vicenza for the Palladio 500 exhibition.