Case studies

Palladio 500 case studies

Detail of the Monopteros temple

Andrea Palladio (c.1550)
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings Collection

Over 50 drawings by Palladio were loaned by the RIBA Library for the exhibition ‘Andrea Palladio: his Life and Legacy’. Many of these required extensive conservation before they could be displayed.

Here, you can join a curator and the conservator as they examine some of these drawings in detail.

Find out more about Palladio’s design processes and his development as an architect.

Follow the drawings’ conservation and see how the latest techniques are used to address issues of fading paper, staining, foxing and planar distortions.

A monopteros temple looks at one of Palladio’s book illustrations and shows how conservators deal with the breakdown of adhesives and stains common in paper.

In the study of the Villa Madama you can see how Palladio was influenced by the architecture of Raphael and follow the conservators as they address planar distortion and excess glue stains.

Drawings for the Palazzo Thiene and the Villa Thiene reveal Palladio’s ideas for buildings alongside his studies of Roman antiquities. See how conservators treat heavy folds, old tears and the damage caused by previous repairs.

Examine Palladio’s designs for social housing in Venice and find out how modern conservation techniques are used to address heavy cockling, adhesive residue and discolouration.