The Palazzo Thiene and the Villa Thiene

Palazzo Thiene



Palazzo Thiene, Vicenza

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Palazzo Thiene, Vicenza
Andrea Palladio (c.1545-50)
RIBA Library Drawings Collection

Palazzo Thiene plate

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Plate design for the Palazzo Thiene
Andrea Palladio (c.1560s)
RIBA Library Drawings Collection

The larger of the plans of sheet XIV/4 is for the Palazzo Thiene in Vicenza. The palazzo was initially commissioned in 1542 and according to many commentators, including Inigo Jones, was originally planned by Guilio Romano. Romano had just completed the Palazzo del Te in Mantua, which Palladio would have seen during his apprenticeship.

Many stylistic features do suggest the influence, or indeed authorship, of Guilio Romano. The most obvious of these are the window surrounds and the rustication on the lower façade. However, the upper storeys suggest that they are the work of Palladio. It may be that the lower storey was completed by Guilio Romano and that Palladio took over the design after Romano's death in 1546.

Palladio made no reference to Guilio Romano when describing the palazzo in I Quattro Libri dell'archittetura. He did, however, go into some detail about his idea to make the rooms that look onto the main piazza into shops.