The Villas


Preliminary design for the north front of the Queen's House, Greenwich, London

Inigo Jones (1616)
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings Collection

A great number of Palladian villas were built in Britain from around 1710 onwards, a key part of the development of Neo-Palladianism.

However, the earliest Palladian villa in Britain can be dated nearly a century earlier: the Queen's House, Greenwich. Designed by Inigo Jones, this was begun around 1616, and proved to be immensely influential.

Wilbury House, built around 1708 – 1710, is believed to have been a tribute to Jones's genius, and was praised as such by Colen Campbell in his book 'Vitruvius Britannicus'.

Palladio's Villa Emo was the source of inspiration for many Neo-Palladian villas, including Campbell's Newby Park and Stourhead, plus Marble Hill by Lord Herbert.

Other outstanding examples of the style can be found in the Villa Rotonda and its influence.

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