Palladio's legacy

Palladio's legacy

Design for the Henbury Rotunda, Henbury

Julian Bicknell and Kevin Rowbottom (1984)
Copyright: RIBA Library Drawings and Archives Collection

Palladio’s legacy over the last 500 years has been immense, and it continues to grow. For some he is the ultimate creative genius from whom all elegance flows. For others his influence is seen as detrimental.

Take a closer look at the evidence and see for yourself.

Palladio in the regions explores Palladio’s legacy throughout Britain, giving an overview of Palladian and Neo-Palladian architecture in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and individual RIBA regions, and taking a detailed look at one key example in each. It highlights the resources of the RIBA British Architectural Library available for further exploration.

Palladio as a brand takes a look at how Palladio’s style is used to suggest status and elegance, and shows how, as a result, Palladianism emerges in some unexpected places.

Discussing Palladio (coming soon) will include videos of prominent British architects talking about Palladio and his impact:

  • Sir Terry Farrell discusses Palladio’s drawings in the RIBA Library Drawings Collection
  • Julian Bicknell talks about the influence of Palladio on his own work