In a series of guest articles for Culture24 the late Robert Elwall, curator of the Photographs Collection, highlighted the hidden treasures in the collection and discussed the development of architectural photography.

Edouard Baldus
Louvre, Paris: the north wing of the New Louvre under construction, 1854

New and ancient monuments during the Second Empire. 

Image: Louvre under construction, 1854

Francis Bedford
Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire: the nave of the church

Picturesque photography in the Victorian era.

Image: Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire, 1859

Bedford Lemere & Co.
11-17 Waterloo Place, Lower Regent Street, London

Recording contemporary architecture from the late 19th century onwards.

Image: Waterloo Place, London, 1910

Colour photography
Staatsgalerie extension, Stuttgart: the sculpture terrace

The evolution of colour in architectural photography.

Image: Staatsgalerie extension, Stuttgart, 1983

Dell and Wainwright
Finella, Queen's Road, Cambridge: the entrance by night

Groundbreaking Modernist photography from the 1930s.

Image: Finella, Queen's Road, Cambridge, 1929

Early photography
Kali Mosque, Lakshmeswar: the gatehouse

The development of architectural photography in the 19th century.

Image: Kali Mosque, Lakshmeswar, 1855

Liverpool Cathedral
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool

The chequered history of the cathedral designed by Lutyens and Gibberd.

Image: Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool, 1967

John Maltby
Odeon cinema, Leicester Square, London, seen from the south

Exploring a 50-year career that included cinemas and stores.

Image: Odeon cinema, Leicester Square, 1937

Car factory production line

The short-lived Manplan series from the Architectural Review.

Image: Car factory production line, 1969

Eric de Maré
Lock at Hack Green on the Shropshire Union Canal

One of Britian's most influential architectural photographers.

Image: Lock, Shropshire Union Canal, 1949

New Brutalism
Trinity Square shopping centre, Town Centre, Gateshead

Discover how architectural photographers responded to Brutalist architecture.

Image: Trinity Square, Gateshead, 1968

John Piper
St Anthony's lighthouse, Falmouth Harbour

John Piper expanded our notions on what constituted architecture.

Image: St Anthony's lighthouse, 1937

Edwin Smith

Temple of Castor and Pollux, Agrigento, Sicily

One of Britain’s finest topographical photographers, noted for his sensitive response to place.

Image: Temple of Castor and Pollux, Agrigento, Sicily, 1954

Behind the scenes

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London: Main elevation

Culture24 visited the RIBA and took a look behind the scenes at the Photographs Collection.

Image: RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London, 1934


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