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Use RIBApix to find and order images from the Photographs Collection.


All material in the Photographs Collection can be viewed by members of the public via the Reading Room of the British Architectural Library, RIBA, subject to opening hours. Admission is free but a form of photographic I.D. is required. Before any visit, a prior appointment must be booked by contacting the team at the Photographs Collection, as material is fetched from environmentally-controlled store before being made available to users.

To explore the collection's holdings, search the Library's online catalogue. Allternatively, use RIBApix, the rapidly expanding, fully searchable online image database featuring selected images from all of the RIBA's collections. Browse, order and download images from RIBApix for educational use or for commercial reproduction.


Why use images from the Photographs Collection?

The collection offers a wide range of services and its images can be put to a variety of uses. It is heavily used by:

  • architects wanting illustrations for a presentation, or visual evidence for a building restoration or planning enquiry
  • students needing to illustrate their theses
  • architectural historians studying a particular architect's work
  • picture researchers seeking those elusive images
  • designers looking for inspiration
  • members of the general public interested in architecture and the visual arts


How can the Photographs Collection help you?

Contact the team at the collection directly if you have any questions, need help or wish to make use of the collection. They can:

  • provide a free information and enquiry service to see if images of a particular building or by an architect are held in the collection
  • give advice on finding an architectural photographer (please note that the collection cannot recommend individual photographers)
  • supply images for private use or, on payment of reproduction fees, for publication, exhibitions or for use in presentations
  • make available images in digital or conventional photographic formats


Loans to other exhibitions

Material, either in its original form or in the form of copies, can be supplied to exhibitions both in Britain or abroad provided the collection's conditions are met. For more details about borrowing material from the RIBA go to loans.  


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