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Quick searches

Online catalogue homepage with the ‘Quick Search’ box in the centre

Online catalogue: Homepage with the 'Quick Search' box in the centre 


  • quick search of the online catalogue is the simplest way to find out what is in the collections of the Library.
  • Entering one keyword into the empty field in the 'Quick Search' box on the catalogue homepage is enough to begin a search. A keyword can be, for example, the name of an architect, a place, part of a title or an architectural term.


The 'Quick search' box and drop-down menu

The 'Quick search' box in use, with a keyword entered and options in the drop-down menu on display


  • Specifying an option from the 'collection' drop-down menu (above the 'Advanced Search' link) will help to narrow down the results.
  • To finish, press the 'Search' button to the right and a list of search results will be displayed automatically on a new webpage. If too many results are returned, narrow down the results using the advanced search mode instead.


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