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Search results

A list of search results from the online catalogue

Search results: A list of items from the online catalogue


Once a quick or advanced search has been made, the online catalogue will produce a list of items most closely related to your chosen keywords or criteria. The results are usually listed in order of publication date, with the most recent first. To the left of each item are two icons:

  • Details - to find out more about an item
  • Select - to save and print information


Panel showing the details, such as catalogue record and location, of an item from the search results

'Details': A panel showing the catalogue record and location of an item from the search results



Press the 'Details' icon and a new webpage will appear with a panel containing more information about the chosen item. This information is divided into two parts. The 'Catalogue Record' will be displayed first and will have descriptive information such as author, medium, date of production and full title, and should indicate if the item is relevant to your search. The second tab, 'Location in RIBA Library', will show where in the Library it is kept. There is a list explaining these locations and how to access the material.  


Catalogue record for an item from the search results

 'Catalogue Record': Descriptive information about an item


Location information for an item from the search results

'Location in the RIBA Library': Where an item is kept and how many copies there are



Use the 'Select' icon to save the information about the item for later. During your session, anything saved can be viewed together by pressing the 'Selected' button in the blue toolbar in the page header. This will take you to a new webpage where the results can also be emailed or printed.


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