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Both the Library's sites at 66 Portland Place (Reading Room) and the Victoria and Albert Museum (RIBA Architecture Study Rooms) have a wide range of facilities for visitors. If you have any queries about those services please contact us.

Reading Room

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London
(for the Photographs, Books and Periodicals Collections)

Signage outside 66 Portland Place


Bags can not be brought into the Reading Room. Most items may be stored in lockers which are free of charge - please obtain a key from the enquiry desk. Please note that there are no facilities to store overly large items or bags.


For visitors with laptop computers there is free wi-fi access to the internet. 


Male - basement, second and sixth floors 
Female - basement, third (near the Library entrance) and fifth floors
Disabled - basement 


Two black and white photocopiers and a colour scanner are available to the public. For environmental reasons printing from the scanner is not possible, but PDF files from any scanning session can be saved on to a memory stick. Users are welcome to bring their own memory stick or to purchase one from the enquiry desk. The photocopiers and scanner are operated using pre-paid and top-up photocopying cards which can be purchased from machines in the Reading Room.

The use of any cameras, personal scanners and mobile phones is forbidden. A reprographic service is available for those who are unable to visit or require fragile material to be photographed.

Places to eat and shop

Although drinking and eating is not allowed in the Reading Room, on the ground floor of the building is the RIBA Café. The RIBA Bookshop can be found near the entrance on the ground floor.


RIBA Architecture Study Rooms

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
(for the Drawings and Archives Collections)

Detail of the doorway to the Study Rooms

Lockers and cloakroom

Large bags must be left in the lockers or cloakrooms which are provided free of charge within the museum. The nearest cloakroom is located in the Sackler Centre, another cloakroom is located near the Grand Entrance on Cromwell Road. Check the map of the V&A for more details.


For visitors with laptop computers there is free wi-fi access to the internet in the Study Rooms.


Toilets are found on all levels of the V&A. The nearest toilets to the Study Rooms (male, female and disabled) are on Level 0 of the Sackler Centre. Check the map of the V&A for more details.


The use of cameras, personal scanners and mobile phones is forbidden, but digital copies of the material can be made subject to a fee. Please contact the Drawings and Archives Collection for more details.

Places to eat and shop

Drinking and eating is not allowed in the Study Rooms. There is the V&A Café and museum shop on the ground floor.

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