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Visitors can access the Library and its collections at two public sites:

Reading Room

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London
(for the Photographs, Books and Periodicals Collections) 

Reading Room, British Architectural Library, RIBA, 66 Portland Place

View of the Reading Room where the public can request to see material from Library's collections of books, periodicals and photographs. The glass cabinets in the aisle are used for temporary exhibitions 

Periodicals Collection in the upper gallery

Upper gallery, the location of most of the Periodicals Collection  

Reading alcove between bookshelves, Reading Room, RIBA

Reading alcoves created between the original projecting bookshelves

Exterior of 66 Portland Place

Exterior of the RIBA headquarters, 66 Portland Place

Students making models, Education Room, RIBA

Education Room (next to the Reading Room) where the Library's education activities take place. 


The Reading Room was designed by George Grey Wornum, the architect of 66 Portland Place, and his wife Miriam. It was completed and opened, along with the rest of the building, in 1934 and retains many original features and furniture. 

Discover more about 66 Portland Place, its spaces, history and architecture by attending a building tour


RIBA Architecture Study Rooms

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
(for the Drawings and Archives Collections)

RIBA Architecture Study Rooms

View of the Study Rooms, where the public can request to see material from the Drawings and Archives Collections

Researchers with archival material in the RIBA Architecture Study Rooms

Researchers in the Study Rooms

Curator with material, RIBA Architecture Study Rooms, Victoria and Albert Museum

Curator with material in the Study Rooms

Grand Entrance, Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road

Entrance to the V&A, Cromwell Road

Closer Look talk in the PDA Education Room, V&A

PDA Education Room (next to the Study Rooms) where collections-based talks and education activities are held


The Study Rooms were designed by Wright & Wright Architects and opened in 2004 as part of the V&A + RIBA Architecture Partnership, an initiative to promote the understanding and enjoyment of architecture.

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