International Membership chapters

RIBA Gulf Chapter Event at the American University of Sharjah

UAE Architecture and Identity
Dubai’s Distorted Reflections
Thursday 16 December 2010, 5.00pm-7.00pm

During the 21st century, urban development and architecture in many developing cities within the GCC, have been driven by market forces of supply and demand rather than considered and planned design.

Architecture’s forgotten role as a vehicle in shaping the identity of our developing cities, as well as its inhabitants’ sense of identity and belonging will be the topic of discussion and debate at this RIBA Gulf Chapter event hosted at the American University of Sharjah.

Presentation by Sumaya Dabbagh, Dabbagh Architects, followed by a panel discussion moderated by, Simon Crispe, WS Atkins & Partners Overseas (Gulf Chapter, Chairman)


The United States has established chapters in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington DC. Registered as a US 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Corporation, the Board of the RIBA-USA Trust meet each month with each chapter represented by their respective Chair. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting (held in Miami this year) are posted along with a full calendar of US events on the RIBA-USA website.

Report from Jonathan Wimpenny, Chair - New York Chapter
8th Brunel International Lecture December 2nd 2010 - NYC
Keith Clarke (RIBA VP International) spoke at the British Consulate General with a lecture entitled 'The Delivery of a Low Carbon Society – Beyond Rhetoric'.

Report from Dr Raj Barr, Chair - Washington DC/Mid Atlantic Chapter
The Inaugural Meeting of the Washington DC/Mid Atlantic Chapter was held on September 16, 2010, to coincide with the opening of the Palladio Exhibition at the National Building Museum.

Jonathan Wimpenny and other leaders of RIBA-USA were in attendance, together with leading members of the profession. Leo Daly, FAIA RIBA, Raj Barr-Kumar FAIA RIBA and Chris Grech RIBA were among the local RIBA-USA members in attendance. Speeches by RIBA Chief Executive Harry Rich, the Ambassador for Italy and the President of the National Building Museum were followed by a sumptuous reception and tours of the exhibition.

Keith Clarke, RIBA FICE, Chief Executive of Atkins, was the Guest Speaker at a lecture sponsored by the Washington DC/Mid Atlantic Chapter of RIBA USA on 1 December at the Catholic University of America. Over 80 students and local professionals were in attendance for the exhilarating lecture entitled 'The Architect’s Role in Climate Change Mitigation'. A lively discussion was followed by a reception sponsored by CUA’s new Master of Science in Sustainable Design post-professional degree program. Keith Clarke was feted at a dinner hosted by Raj Barr-Kumar at the Bibiana Restaurant in the historic Greyhound Building.

Report from Chad Overway, Chair – San Francisco Chapter
The San Francisco Chapter kicked off 2010 with an action packed calendar. In April the chapter hosted a Launch Party to introduce the British Architects to the Bay Area with the help of the British Consulate General. The event was a huge success with more than 80 attendees networking and spreading the word of the Chapter’s goals. The RIBA-USA AGM in Miami was well represented by our chapter members. Our other events were equally successful, including our Evening Chats, where we asked a speaker to join us for an open discussion in a dinner setting.

This year’s speakers were Sim van der Ryn, EcoDesign Collaborative and Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity. Our tour events took us to the De Young Museum and Moscone Convention Centre. The Chapter will be hosting a holiday party to celebrate a successful year and to plan for even a better 2011.