Erwin Wurm
Meeting of Presidents
Active House Alliance

Erwin Wurm. Schöner Wohnen.

Erwin Wurm,2010 (c) Christian Wind

 Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm, one of the world’s most successful contemporary artists, has developed the project 'Schöner Wohnen' (Better Living) as an intervention in the Contemporary Art section of the MAK Permanent Collection which opened on Tuesday 22 March 2011.

In focus will be objects with utilitarian value conceived specifically for the MAK. Furniture as instruments of the collective are objects in which attitudes towards life manifest themselves in an exemplary fashion. The artist comments on these via subtle instructions, interventions and shifts.

Until 4 September, MAK Permanent Collection Contemporary Art MAK, Vienna

Opening Hours

Tue MAK NITE© 10am–12am
Wed–Sun 10am–6pm
Mon closed

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Meeting of Presidents of UIA Sections in Region I

The next meeting of presidents of Member Sections in UIA region I will take place in
Dublin, Ireland, on 31 March and 2 April 2011. The meeting will be chaired by UIA region I
Vice-President Albert Dubler. The Architect’s Council of Europe (ACE) General Assembly
will also take place in Dublin on 1 and 2 April 2011. The Royal Institute of the
Architects of Ireland is hosting both events, in parallel, to facilitate and encourage
collaboration between the two organisations.

Contact: Albert Dubler, UIA Vice-President - albert.dubler@free.fr.

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Buildings that give more than they take

Within the framework of the European Union’s sustainable energy week (11-15 April
2011), Active House is organising a symposium in Brussels, Belgium, on 14 April,
dedicated to positive energy structures. The debates will look to the future of our
building stock in order to define expectations for tomorrow’s constructions.

Active House Alliance is a network of partners (businesses, universities, institutions,
individuals) and an information centre to favour buildings that create healthier and more
comfortable lives for their occupants without negative impact on the climate. The UIA
is working with this network in the framework of its Sustainable by Design strategy.

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