The RIBA Sustainability Hub is the one-stop portal for sustainability information for architects, students and educators alike.

The Sustainability Hub has been set up by the RIBA in order to provide a growing, central resource on all aspects of sustainable design in architecture. Please select a link below, or scroll down to read about the content in each section.

Top link: U-values: definition and calculation

The  Design Strategy pages offer an introduction to techniques, materials and practices that increase the overall sustainability of a building. Each concise article introduces and illustrates how to embed the strategy at the conceptual stages of design. The focus of which is the design process. The strategies are wide-ranging: from stack ventilation; to designing for flood risk; to noise control; to urban landscape design; and so on.

The  Case Study pages have a specific purpose: to highlight how individual design strategies were incorporated. Again, the focus is on the design process, not just the completed building. They will describe and link to the design strategies most successfully used. The case studies are open to submissions, and the pro forma can be found here.

The Sustainability Hub Shorts are a series of short films designed to connect theory into practice. Working with a handful of the UK’s leading sustainable architects the films focus on one strategy and use a case study to illustrate this. The architects sketch through some of the strategies used in the building.

The future

The RIBA will continue to expand this resource. Our current focus is to grow the body of case studies and fill in any missing design strategies. We would like to roll out the Sustainability Hub Shorts for each design strategy on the website. Feedback and contact from all the users of the Sustainability Hub is strongly encouraged – so please get in touch.


The Sustainability Hub site has been made possible by the generosity of huge number of individuals who have given their time and energy to provide the initial phase of content for the site. I am truly grateful for all their contributions. Koen Steemers (Head of Department, University of Cambridge) and Bill Gething (Sustainability + Architecture) have supported the project from the early stages and my thanks to them for the exceptional amounts of advice given in shaping the project.

Thanks also to: Peter Clegg (FeildenCleggBradleyStudios), Rab Bennetts (Bennetts Associates), Pooran Desai (Bioregional), Bill Dunster (ZedFactory), Robert Barker (Baca Architects), Craig White (White Design), Nick Baker (University of Cambridge), Brian Edwards (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts), Dean Hawkes (University of Cambridge) and Simon Bell (Open Spaces).

Thanks to Edward Burtynsky for donating several photographs for the site, and respectively the galleries that support him: Flowers, London and Nicholas Metivier, Toronto.


Charlie Peel