RIBA Council

The RIBA is governed by a Council of 60 members, elected from among the RIBA membership, the majority of whom are chartered architects. Chaired by the president, Council meets four times annually and is ultimately responsible for the conduct and development of the Institute. Council passes down detailed responsibility and technical focus to the RIBA Board and main committees.

Minutes and decisions taken at RIBA Council


Elections 2014-Results  

Jane Duncan has been elected to be President of the RIBA for 2015-17 and will be on Council from September 2014 as President-elect.

The following members have been elected to the six National seats: John Assael, Ben Derbyshire, Daniel Leon, Walter Menteth, George Oldham and Flora Samuel.

The following members will take up Regional seats:

  • Bob Brown, South West
  • Antony Clerici, West Midlands
  • Russell Curtis, London
  • Robert Firth, Wales (RSAW)
  • Mark Kemp, South West
  • Julia McLoughlin, South East
  • Nick Mills, Wessex
  • Shariar Nasser, London
  • Peter Oborn, London
  • Owen O'Carroll, London
  • Vinesh Pomal, London
  • Kerr Robertson, Scotland South
  • Kevin Singh, West Midlands
  • Meryl Townley, London
  • Carl Turner, London
  • Edward Williams, London

Goh Chong Chia and Nela de Zoysa are elected to the overseas seats and Marie Braithwaite takes up the student member seat.  

Council members 2013/14

Geoff Alsop (National)
Albena Atanassaova (Student member)
Tim Bailey (North East)
Russell Bateman (London)
Roz Barr (VP Education)
Dan Benham (RSAW President)
Mark Benzie (National)
Dagmar Binsted (London) 
Angela Brady (Immediate Past President)
Matt Brook (North West)
Peter Caplehorn (National)
Sir Sydney Chapman (National)
Elspeth Clements (National)
Anthony Clerici (West Midlands)
Ian Collins (Yorkshire)
Nela de Zoysa (International)
James Karl Fischer (International) 
Robert Franklin (National)
Emily Fribbance (Student member)
Brian Godfrey (National)
Christopher Hampson (London)
John Hickey (North West)
Tzena James (National)
Alan Jones (RSUA President)
Ivan Jordan (South West)
Mark Kemp (South West)
Martin Knight (London)
Dominic Kramer (East Midlands)
Owen Luder (National)
Walter Menteth (London)
Robert Mitchell (Wessex)
Peter Oborn (National)
Owen O’Carroll (London)
George Oldham (National)
Patrick Redmond (West Midlands) 
Wiebke Rietz (Wessex)
Satwinder Samra (Yorkshire)
Joan Scott (RIAS South)
Alex Scott-Whitby (Associate member - co-option)
Yasmin Shariff (National)
Alan Shingler (National)
Roger Shrimplin (East)
Dale Sinclair (National)
Sumita Sinha (London)
William Smedley (East Midlands)
Gordon Smith (RIAS North)
Karl Smith (South East)
Dawson Stelfox (RSUA)
Meryl Townley (London)
Elena Tsolakis (National)
Peter Udall (North East)
Philip Waddy (South)
Pierre Wassenaar (RSAW)
Francesca Weal (East)
Sam Webb (National)
Warren Whyte (South)
Katie Wilmot (National)
Edward Williams (Hon Librarian)
Chris Williamson (National)

Meeting dates 2013/14 

18 September 2013
5 December 2013
19 March 2014
19 June 2014