Doing CPD helps you in three key ways: 

  • It reinforces your professionalism and competence
  • It offers you unique benefits
  • It helps you to take charge of your career and your business

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Professional Reading Groups as CPD

The reading group is a popular extra-curricular activity but some industries are making it a popular intra-curricular activity. The rise of the professional reading group is highlighting people's desire to learn further at work, connect with colleagu…

23 April, 2015

RIBA CPD events for May

New RIBA CPD events have just been announced for May. RIBA's Core CPD Programme will help you stay up to date, to keep ahead, to be competitive, and to build your professional competence, as well as helping you to meet your CPD requirements.

23 April, 2015

Share your views on CPD

We would like to invite you to share your views on Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and the range of CPD offered by both RIBA and other providers.

23 April, 2015
News Conservation of Concrete

Conservation of Concrete

Until recently concrete repairs were generally specified with little consideration of the positive aesthetic and design qualities of fair faced concrete. The seminar will cover original development of techniques for both in-situ and precast finishes;…

20 April, 2015

CPD and academics: continuing to learn

We have had a number of enquiries regarding recording CPD as a lecturer or academic and whether this is necessary. The first thing to say is that all chartered members are required to undertake CPD, in accordance with our minimum expectations.

16 April, 2015
News Restoration of an Icon

Restoration of an Icon

Brian Park of Page\Park Architects, the apopinted practice to restore and rebuild the fire-damaged Glasgow School of Art building, will discuss the key challenges of restoring the treasured icon.

15 April, 2015
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