what do i need to do?

As a chartered member, you are obliged to do the following each year:

  • Undertake at least 35 hours of CPD. The 35 hours are the minimum amount of time you need to spend each year maintaining your competence. 35 hours per year equates to only 45 minutes per week.
  • 20 of the required 35 hours must come from the ten topics in the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum (two hours per topic per year).  
  • Award at least 100 learning points to the individual CPD activities you carry out. Assigning points represents your assessment of what you got out of the CPD activity, and will be the result of the time you spent reflecting.
  • Gain at least half of your CPD from structured learning activities, unless your circumstances prevent it.
  • Record your CPD activities online using our CPD recording manager.

We regularly monitor a random sample of chartered members’ records to determine compliance. 

Exceptional CPD circumstances 

Are you in exceptional circumstances? Read here here about our expectations for your CPD.

Record your CPD 

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