Research Symposium

The RIBA Research Symposium is an annual event that brings together practice and academia to investigate a particual theme of architectural research.

DEsign for ageing - 2014

Over the next 20 years the number of people aged over 60 in the UK will increase by over 40 per cent – how will architects respond to this challenge for society, and how can they benefit from designing for older people?

Convened by Níall McLaughlin, of UCL and Níall McLaughlin Architects, the RIBA’s 9th annual Research Symposium will address questions such as – how can we design our places, spaces and communities to support healthy and happy later lives? How do architects and designers approach the idea of inclusion in design practice? And how involved are older people in that design process? The Symposium will explore these questions through case studies and debate.

The 2014 Research Symposium will be held at the RIBA on 18 November, book tickets now

Urban Thresholds - 2013

We need to develop new possibilities to help us build up resilience to the enormous challenges facing society today. Architects have a great contribution to make – we are comfortable with threshold conditions and we are creative thinkers. With this in mind the RIBA's 8th annual research symposium asked the question: do urban thresholds help or hinder local resilience?

Encompassing issues including urban, dynamic and invisible thresholds, the symposium explored the societal and environmental challenges ahead. The event included case studies from both architects and academics, as well as the presentation of an exciting student design charrette showcasing how schools of architecture came together to explore 'tweaking thresholds'.

The keynote speaker for this event was  Jan Gehl  (Gehl Architects).

Introduction from Irena Bauman
Jan Gehl keynote speech
Professor Bill Gething and Tom Vigar: Inside and outside, interfacing with climate
Tina Saaby - Public and Private
Paul Chatterton: Private and Shared: Personal Societal Boundaries
Anna Minton - Ground Control
Ann Marie Connolly: Health, Obesity and Public Space
Oliver Marlow: Authorship in Architectural Design
Anne Power: Urban Segregation
Danny Dorling - Wealth Discrepancies