Supporting Research


Supporting Research

The RIBA Research department and the RIBA Research and Innovation Group work together to develop, support and disseminate research in architecture and the built environment in Britain and internationally. The team's key objectives are to:

  • enhance the links between practitioners and the academic research community;
  • encourage practitioners to highlight the research work undertaken through their projects;
  • promote architectural research to other professions in the built environment and to wider groups in society;
  • connect architectural research to policy makers and agenda setters both at local and national level; and
  • develop international research links to ensure that the RIBA and the architectural community are matching or exceeding global standards.

RIBA Research wiishes to support as many worthwhile projects as possible whilst maintaining a focus on its key research themes. The RIBA Research and Development Group can benefit research projects in a range of ways, such as providing letters of support, contributing advice and expertise, or promoting and disseminating research outcomes. 


RIBA Research Trust

The RIBA Research Trust Awards are offered annually to support independent architectural research.

The awards scheme is open to applicants interested in a wide range of subject matter relevant to the advancement of architecture and the connected arts and sciences. The research can be practice-led or academic research, but the awards will not support course fees or subsistence costs for PhD/MPhil or Masters programmes.

The maximum grant applicants can apply for is £10,000.

For more information, see the RIBA Research Trust page.


RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship

The RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship is awarded to a student who wishes to pursue, continue, or complete a higher degree in research (PhD/MPhil or MRes). Applicants should be registered for the degree in a department in a UK university validated by the RIBA.

For more information, see the LKE Ozolins PhD Studentship page


Support for academic or practice-based research and consortium groups

A decision to support a research initiative is made on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Is the proposed project ethical, rigorous and of potential value to the architectural community or wider built environment sector?
  • Does the proposed project fall within the research themes or objectives of the Research and Innovation Group OR does the proposed project meet other current RIBA aims?
  • Do RIBA staff members and the Research and Innovation Group have sufficient time, appropriate expertise and other necessary resources needed to support the project?

Where a proposed project does not meet RIBA Research or other current RIBA aims, but meets the first criterion, it must be tabled to the Research and Innovation Group for approval before support can be given.

Where a proposed project does not meet the third criterion the RIBA cannot lend support to the project, even if it meets the first and second criteria. The Research and Innovation Group will, in such as case, provide a letter stating that the RIBA believes the aims of the project to be valuable and would be interested to receive information regarding its progress and results.

To discuss RIBA involvement in or support of your research project, please contact Anne Dye, Head of Technical Research, at


Support for Masters Students and Doctoral Candidates

If you are a Master's student or doctoral candidate engaged in research which will be of benefit to the architectural community or wider built environment sector, and wish to request a letter of support from the RIBA, please contact Georgia Ardizzone at

Please attach a brief outline of your project (no more than two pages) setting out the aims and methodology of your research project, as well as the contact details of an academic supervisor or faculty member who can confirm your institution and research topic.