the riba pension
How to sign up

A helping hand - we'll guide and support you through the sign-up process at every stage.


The process

 If you are a practice and wish to sign up to the RIBA Pension in time for auto enrolment, please download 2 copies of the application form together with an employer fact find form

You should fill in the employer fact find form and complete and sign the 2 copies of the application form. Together, these should be sent by post to:

The RIBA Pension
HS Admin
25 Goodlass Road
Liverpool L24 9HJ

Your application will be forwarded to the RIBA Pension trustee for compliance checks and the RIBA Pension administrators, HS Admin, will get in touch with you if they have any questions. Normally, you can expect to receive a counter-signed copy of the RIBA Pension application form within 2 weeks.

You will also receive, within 2 weeks of submitting your application, a secure email inviting you to sign up to the RIBA Pension employer portal and to enter your payroll data. The compliance software will then automatically generate your worker assessment report which you should review carefully - preferably with the support of a regulated financial adviser - in order to decide on the details of your pension arrangements.

If you are a practice wishing to sign up to the RIBA Pension prior to your staging date, or a sole practitioner, please contact the RIBA Pension team for more information.

The people

For general enquiries about the RIBA Pension and for more information on how to sign up, contact: or 020 7307 3737

For financial advice, get in touch with a regulated financial adviser of your choice or contact the RIBA approved financial adviser, Charles Stanley Financial Solutions: or 020 7149 6920

Once you're signed up

For questions about your investments, opting in or out and how to manage your portfolio, contact: or 0151 448 5550

For questions about the RIBA Pension compliance software, contact: or 0333 444 0425